In & Out Series - Special Mention Award in WYNG Masters Award 2016 & shown in SOMArts Cultural Center in San Francisco in 2014

The words “In” and “Out” are always put in binary opposition.  Seemingly, there is no negotiation between the “In” space and the “Out” space.  Are you in or are you out? In or out?  Are you coming into my body or out of my body?  Yet between “In” and “Out”, there is a third space in the middle, shared by the two poles.  Partially visible and partially exposed, this “In N Out” place offers me the possibilities to explore sexuality.

Through the "In & Out" project, I want to give a voice to lesbians and let them explore their fantasies with their gestures. For the past few months, I interviewed over forty self-identified lesbians about their sexuality, ranging from 20 to 60 years old. Given minimal instructions, they imagined their partners' bodies and restaged how they have sex with the other females using their hands.

This act of exposure is personal and political. On the one hand, each photograph is a unique portrait that reveals each lesbian's sexual desire.  On the other hand, the phallus-like gestures act as a space that subverts the patriarchal hierarchy.

Under the rule of the British administration, Hong Kong once had an ordinance prohibiting male-to-male anal sex, which involves the insertion of the penis. Penis insertion is such a strong factor to determine if one engaged in sexual intercourse. Nowadays, male homosexual activity has been decriminalized in Hong Kong and in China, yet lesbian visibility still comes into question.